The Mitt Whomper

The Mitt Whomper’s patent pending design allows any user to break in a new mitt faster than any other product on the market. If you have an older mitt that has lost its pocket, the Mitt Whomper will restore the mitt to “play ready” condition in no time. To maintain your perfect pocket, wrap your mitt in the Mitt Whomper whenever it’s not on your hand!


Use The Mitt Whomper to quickly and efficiently break in a new mitt you have just purchased. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for  glove treatment or leather conditioners if recommended. The Mitt Whomper is the most effective tool available for softening, shaping and turning your new stiff mitt into the soft, supple, precisely formed mitt you desire. Your mitt is an extension of your hand and the better your mitt is formed to your hand the better your chance of making that spectacular catch or turning the double play. Transferring the ball from your mitt to your throwing hand with a properly formed mitt can often be the difference in making the big play. For outfielders, holding on to a fly ball while on the run or settling under a fly ball with a runner in scoring position ready to tag up can be the difference between a run scored or a double play at the plate. The Mitt Whomper forms the perfect pocket so you can perform at your highest level.


Do you have an old “worn out” mitt or has your old mitt flattened out from being stuffed in your equipment bag or closet? Using The Mitt Whomper restores your old mitt to “play ready” condition in no time  You’ll be amazed at how great your old mitt feels and performs after restoring it with The Mitt Whomper.


We recommend that when your mitt isn’t on your hand, it needs to be in The Mitt Whomper! Even between innings your mitt can be stepped on, smashed or flattened distorting the pocket until you catch a ball or two. Therefore we recommend that you use The Mitt Whomper between innings and even between double headers. Anytime your mitt goes into your equipment bag it is critical to secure it in The Mitt Whomper to maintain your perfect pocket for the next game or practice. The Mitt Whomper’s breathable elastic strap allows your mitt to breathe and dry out from perspiration or damp conditions from your previous use. If your mitt it is unusually damp or wet, be sure to remove it from your equipment bag so air can circulate and dry it out completely. Remember when your mitt isn’t on your hand, it better be in The Mitt Whomper!

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